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If you are dedicated to personal growth and development and looking for authentic connections with other singles who are looking for the same, then you are in the right place! Whether you are a fan of Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey or Wayne Dyer, have been to Landmark, Peak Potentials or Pax Programs, or have chosen a different path ~ there are so many ~ to self-awareness (yoga, books, seminars, online classes), we are the Ultimate destination for you to find your true Love and Passion. It's just one click away!Request Membership

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  • We provide meaningful introductions through our Connection Calculation, which factors in your personal development path as well as hundreds of additional factors to create deep, authentic connections immediately.
  • Communication via email and instant message makes it easy to reach out and learn more about people with potential.
  • Webinars conducted by our experts keep you on the growth path and help you to understand yourself, dating and relationship at a much deeper level.
  • Support through coaching is available to help you find your Ultimate Love and Passion even faster!
  • Put your best foot forward and get results fast, on this site or any other, with our profile writing coaches that specialize in presenting you in the most attractive and authentic way possible.
  • Our privacy and safety controls give you extension options and create confidence as you connect with potential mates.
  • Our store curates the best of the best products in personal growth and development as well as spotlighting merchandise created and endorsed by our members.
  • Our international membership ensures there will be members right in your own backyard!
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Some Members of our Expert Team

  • Neurostrategist and Relationship Coach
  • Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Relationship Expert
  • Author, Teacher Orgasm Specialist
  • Author and Life Coach
  • Love and Intimacy Strategist

What They Are Saying...

ULP is more of a "conducive environment" for dating "up". What really got dates happening for me was playing full out and being approachable. Like cannot attract like when people don't know you. That's a big advantage here. You can really know people before you ever take your first date.

Justin, New Jersey

This site is a bit different and definitely one of the better ones!

Matt, California

I met my lady here in ULP. I wasn't really wasn't expecting to meet anyone special. I joined to learn and grow, if i met some new friends, then that was a bonus. Play full out be authentic and know what you're looking for. It may happen for you also!

Alan, England

I am so truly grateful to Ultimate Love and Passion. They brought me my true love. Our destinies intertwined allowing me to have had some of the most important things ever for me manifest this past year. I know it is only going to get better and better for us!

Debra, New York
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What They Are Saying...

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconWho uses Ultimate Love and Passion?

    Ultimate Love and Passion is used by a wide variety of singles all over the world that are united by a commitment to personal development and to finding a happy, long-term relationship. The majority of our members are educated, successful, and between the ages of 33 and 69, though singles of all ages can find love on the site.

    ULP is perfect for people who are tired of mainstream dating sites and are ready to find their Ultimate Love and Passion.

  • q-iconIs Everyone Accepted into Ultimate Love and Passion?

    Each profile is screened to ensure you only meet the most inspiring singles who are dedicated to personal growth and development and are ready for relationship. Personal growth and development takes many forms and we include a wide variety of paths. If you feel your options aren’t included, just let our team know and we will work with you to add it to your profile!

  • q-iconHow Much Does Membership Cost?

    To compare the relative costs of purchasing packages on Ultimate Love and Passion, simply request membership. You will see the prices and all the features included in each membership level. Webinars, 15 Minute Coaches and Live Support are standard with each package.

  • q-iconWho Has Access to My Information?

    All personal details shared with Ultimate Love and Passion are secured and protected. Your personal details will not appear in any search engine. Only employees of Ultimate Love and Passion can access your personal details for functional purposes only. We work under strict privacy guidelines. Please check our Privacy Policy for more details regarding your privacy and security.

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About Ultimate Love and Passion

Ultimate Love and Passion began in 2012 out of founder Julie Keywell's quest for true love. She was looking for something different that she couldn't find on Match, Plenty of Fish or OK Cupid. She knew there had to be men out there that were dedicated to personal growth and were looking for their ultimate love...relationship at a higher level.

So she started by putting up a group on Facebook. And before she knew it, there were hundreds of members, and connections were being made every day. Couples were moving countries for each other and finding love in their own back yard. They were getting married and having babies. Magic was happening!

She saw the need for a more robust platform to continue to connect, learn and grow in relationship. So she combined forces with Chuck Schultz, international coach and speaker in the personal development arena (who was also looking for love), and a business dedicated to serving you was born!

Ultimate Love and Passion has become the leading destination online for singles who are into personal development to connect, find love and continue to grow in the area of relationship. In addition to appearing on national television, ULP has worked with brands like Chicken Soup for the Soul and thought leaders like Mastin Kipp, Allison Armstrong and RMT Training.

What about Chuck? He is on his quest and has had many magical moments with women from ULP. And Julie? After a few relationships with outstanding men from ULP, one stood out from the rest and magic happened!

So, you see, we are you and we are here to show you the way to your brilliant reality.

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